To date, I’ve interviewed six dynamic solos, living their lives in unique ways.  Their approaches to other people, and to their civic, work, and artistic pursuits have taught me valuable lessons about how to live a good life.

Colonel Arnald Gabriel at rehearsal.

Colonel Arnald Gabriel at rehearsal.

From Arnald Gabriel

1)  Live your passion and you’ll be young forever

2)  Uplift your spirit with great music

From Tracey Stubbs

3) Speak up about taking on new tasks, you just might get to do them

4) Admit you’re not the expert sometimes, it can build important bridges

From Elisa Young

5) Have the courage to work on righting injustices

6) Support and appreciate those who give up their lives to help others because fighting the system is mostly hard work and a tedious activity

Pat Miller in her shop.  Photo by Joe Bleach, courtesy of Living Legends of Alexandria.

Pat Miller in her shop. Photo by Joe Bleach, courtesy of Living Legends of Alexandria.

From Pat Miller

7) Be a good manager by letting people use their strengths

8) Know that people will disagree, and work through it and around it

From Julie Riedmiller

9) Pay exquisite attention to your surroundings, they may enlighten you in ways you never thought possible

10) Be open to new ideas and life adventures and work toward them

 From Diane Rastello

11) Believe in new beginnings

12) Have a sense of humor about yourself, it helps you bounce back

And from all

People who give - and care - everyday.

People who give – and care – everyday.

13) Care about results – pay attention to how your piece contributes to the whole

14) Be engaged, work hard at something and be dedicated and you’ll accomplish good things

15) Start something – one thing can lead to another

16) Not everyone likes the same thing – have enough variety in your life to connect to many different people

17) One person can make a difference – to a friend, to a family, to a group, to a workplace, to a community, to the world.

My final take-away is – wow – there are so many interesting, accomplished, and wonderful singles and solos (and people!) in the world. Let’s get to know them and tell them we appreciate them.

 By Bojinka Bishop, March 4, 2013


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  1. Jan Garske says:

    It was nice to have a reflection on where you/we have been on this journey.