Watch where you’re going… Sound familiar? Your mother told you this. (And you probably ignored it, as I did.). Breaking my ankle emphasized the wisdom of watching what I do. And the big lesson of 2020 is — that advice works in all aspects of our lives.

It’s not just the cement path we need to watch. The COVID pandemic has made it necessary to have a heightened awareness of where we go, how we get there, how close we stand to other people. Every small thing we do in our lives, from washing our hands to touching door handles, requires our attention.

The most valuable take-away from 2020 is that being aware, being mindful, being in the moment, matters.

We at Flying High Solo wish 2021 is a year filed with your exquisite attention to every detail of your journey, your life… congratulating yourself on your accomplishments, learning from your stumbles, enjoying the small moments – a child’s giggle, a bird swaying on pampas grass, the twinkle of star.
All the best,

Flying High Solo

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