September 21-27 is National Singles Week.

Although jokes and put downs of singles are common, David Letterman’s September 10 Top Ten list hits a new low. His number one reason for being single? “You’re too busy running ISIS.”

We’re terrorists? Subversives? Oh, please, get real! More than half the adult population in the U.S. is single. And take note, we’re not anti-social.

David Letterman, host popular

David Letterman, host of CBS’s Late Show

Learn about your audience, Letterman, and current world demographics. Being single is not a U.S. phenomenon only. Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark have larger percentages of their populations living alone. In other European countries, and even in Asian countries, our numbers are growing.

Whether single by choice or by circumstance, we are many. We live our lives with strength and power. And we laugh, cry, work, make friends, volunteer in our communities, cook, wash our clothes, travel, pay bills – live our lives fully. It’s passé to make assumptions about us.

No joke, David, here is my Top Ten List for why we’re single.

10 – We are not afraid to sleep alone
9 – We have friends to talk things over with
8 – We don’t want to settle for someone who just wants to be married
7 – We know how to balance a checkbook
6 – We know how to use the TV remote
5 – We can cook and take out the trash without help
4 – We feel good about our work and our hobbies
3 – We like the freedom to decide what to do when

2 – We enjoy our own company
1 – We haven’t met anyone who adds enough to our lives without subtracting too much

Our half of the population is pretty special. Let’s celebrate ourselves during National Singles Week. I’m going to go out to dinner by myself – have a glass of wine, and congratulate myself on being able to go it alone.

Editorial By Bojinka Bishop, Sept. 18, 2014

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