GivingHere is a short report on my first act of kindness.  Must walk my talk, after all.   The act?  Giving 9 little gift bags with flowers and candy to workers and patients at the Woodlands Healthcare Center.  Why workers? 

Because of the inherently kind work they do everyday, with far too little appreciation. I took along my grand daughters.  They said they were “scared.”  I think most of us are – scared to see sick people or those handicapped in any way.  We are scared of the old and feeble.  I was a bit apprehensive myself, as it was the first time I ever did this. But I can report it was not scary at all.  It was a lovely experience.

My initial idea was to give these little holiday gift bags to the patients.  Then lots of questions arose. Would I, could I, go into rooms?  How would I get permission?  How long should I stay?  Because of these issues, I decided to give the little goodie bags to nurses aids who do such wonderful and selfless work and give them two, then let them give one to a patient who may not have company, or just let them choose.  (The lovely lady on the left in blue manages things and was the key to letting us into the facility).

What did I learn?  Next time I would do more than nine – nine just touches the surface.  And I would have a better “speech” prepared…  But it’s a start for me.  I suspect others have stories of their own kindnesses to share.  Please share them in the comments or reply section below.  Let’s spread kindnesses in 2013!

In 2013, Flying High Solo is rewarding acts of kindness randomly with a gift of $5 to acknowledge your good deeds.  Tell us your random act in the comments or reply section below.  And see the story – “Seeing small beauties…” for more information.  Do a good deed and share it! (And you might get a surprise!)

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