Sometimes I brew it directly into the cup.

This news just has to be shared.  I actually lowered my cholesterol (the “bad” LDL) by 32 points since the beginning of May.  (See the story below on coffee brewing and cholesterol.  I had been brewing and drinking unfiltered coffee for years!).

In truth, I did more than just change the way I brew coffee.  I also eliminated iced mocha drinks from places like Starbucks – and ate oatmeal for breakfast about 90% of the time, added a good dose of cinnamon to it, took fish oil capsules about 80% of the time, cut down substantially on my ice cream intake (and it was the rich kind, no wimpy low-fat for me!).  Of course, I ate a healthy diet otherwise and exercised – but I always did.  Whatever it was – and it may have been the combination of it all – filtered coffee, oatmeal, cinnamon, fish oil, and cutting down on ice cream… it worked.

And the cute little stainless steel Italian coffee pot in the photo below?  It found a home with a woman who works at our local health foods store who said she would use it to brew tea.  So – happy ending all around!

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