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FlyingHighSolo.com celebrates curiosity, wonder, and moments of delight.

We honor the magic tickle in the mind, heart, soul (or stomach – yes, we cover good things to eat sometimes!) that ignites passion for living. We feature people finding joy in their jobs and community, in nature, creativity, special moments with families and friends. We post stories on a range of topics to inspire you to live your life with curiosity and delight.

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”  ee cummings

Charla Agnoletti works to make high school students responsible and peaceful.

Charla Agnoletti works to make high school students responsible and peaceful. Look for her story under the People tab in the navigation bar.

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How you brew coffee can affect your cholesterol

How you brew coffee can affect your cholesterol – click on the Things to know Tab in the navigation bar.

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Bojinka Bishop, editor and publisher of FlyingHighSolo.com.

I was thrilled to discover that my favorite poet, ee cummings, believed in curiosity and wonder. My belief in sharing the beauty and value of curiosity fuels my passion for writing and producing Flying High Solo. It celebrates and promotes living the curious life.

Early readers may remember I started FHS to honor the engaged lives of solos – but everyone is alone sometimes. And each of us has individual talents, interests, and passions that we must nurture to honor our own unique selves.

I wish you soulful wonder and boundless curiosity.