About Flying High Solo

FlyingHighSolo.com is an online magazine celebrating the lives and interests of solos.  We feature inspiring people, showcasing what they’re doing and their secrets to success, plus fascinating places to go and things to do, plus thoughts and ideas to enrich your life.

We cover a range of topics – as broad and varied as life itself – and although we highlight the lives of those on their own, our topics and stories are useful for anyone, regardless of relationship status.

Drop by Flying High Solo every week or two for inspiration and a feeling of community and connection. OR – if you would like to be alerted to new stories when they are published – send an email request to bishopb@ohio.eduYour email address will not be shared.

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Why FHS?

As of 2010, according to the U.S. Census, about half of U.S. adults were single, and half married. More than 31 million adults in the U.S. lived alone, that’s about 28% of all households.  Yet so many magazines (and much of society) seem to hold up being married or coupled as the norm.  The world is changing… more and more people are on their own.  Flying High Solo honors the solo lifestyle and is dedicated to strengthening our sense of community.

Flying High Solo doesn’t advocate one lifestyle above another.  No matter what your living arrangements, no matter what your relationship status – no matter what happens in your future – being happy within yourself is what Flying High Solo is all about.

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Bojinka Bishop, at a train station, on the move, looking for stories.

Bojinka Bishop is the editor and publisher of FlyingHighSolo.com.

As editor, I’d like to briefly introduce myself and tell you the reasons I’m committed to publishing Flying High Solo.

I’ve been married, have been a single mother, and have lived alone on and off for about 25 years.  And too many times, I have felt left out of the mainstream of U.S. life.  Rightly, wrongly, it is how I have felt.

In October 2011, having retired from teaching at Ohio University after 13 years and after a professional career as a writer and public relations director, I was seeking my next professional passion. As I leafed through a magazine and was bombarded with photos of couples, I realized I had seen too many ads, too many TV shows, and heard too many messages that the “right” way to operate in this world is to be coupled, to be married.  Living alone is real, is OK, and needs to be honored.

So my passion became clear. It’s to play a role in helping people who live alone, for whatever reason, feel good about themselves and their lives.

FlyingHighSolo.com celebrates us, gives us voice, and tells our stories.

I hope you enjoy Flying High Solo and will share it with your friends, regardless of their living arrangements or relationship status.  We welcome all readers into our community.

Wishing you all good adventures, peace, love, and fulfillment,